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December 2017
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Ted and Rachel are back! We are joined by frequent guests, Matt and Cesco. We have predictions for most of the categories that will be presented at this year's 2013 Golden Globe Awards. Which category do we all agree on? Which category are we the most split on? We cover both the film and television awards. Which Netflix show will get in for Drama Series? How many ladies from August: Osage County will be nominated? How ridiculous is it that Before Midnight is in the Comedy/Musical categories?

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Ted, Rachel and guest Cesco are here this week to have one last chat about the Emmys. Big surprises that night, including how terrible the actual production of the telecast. We also spend some time discussing Oscar contenders in the top six categories (Picture, Director, Lead Actor, Lead Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress).

This week's song is "Somebody Loves You" by Betty Who.

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Ted and Rachel are back! We are joined by frequent guests, Matt and Cesco. We have predictions for all of the categories that will be presented on Sunday at the 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

This week's song is "Rural Juror" by Jane Krakowski. Also, apologies for the background noise. Couldn't edit that out.

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Ted and Rachel are finally back! We have thoughts and predictions on this year's Emmy race. Both series categories look tough to predict and the acting categories are not easy either. Which two categories do we agree 100% on? Which ones are we fighting over?

This week's song is "Getaway" by Mark Cherry (not Marc Cherry). Also, apologies for the last twenty or so with the background fan noise. Couldn't edit that out.

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Ted and Rachel are flying without any guests this week. We discuss our thoughts on this year's Oscar ceremony as well as our final thoughts on the Oscar season 2012. Plus, we begin to materialize some ideas regarding American Idol.

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Ted and Rachel are joined again be Matt, Cesco, Erik, Topher and Rob. We discuss every Oscar category and predict who will win, who could win and who should win. With the exception of a few locked categories, our predictions are all over the place. Plus! We try to figure out how long the ceremony will be, what might happen on the show and who might sing the other nominated songs.

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Episode Fifty Five: BAFTA and Grammy Predictions

Ted and Rachel are joined again be Matt, Cesco, Erik and Topher. We chat about the BAFTAs and what it could preview for the Oscars (Argo is still in front; who can take down Jennifer Lawrence). We have predictions in every category (including Rising Star). Then, we shift gears to discuss the Grammys and we do not predict every category (although it sure does seem like it). Who will lead the pack of winners? The Black Keys? Frank Ocean? Mumford & Sons? fun.?

Our song this week is "Lonely Boy" from The Black Keys.

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Ted and Rachel are joined by Matt, Cesco, Erik, Topher and returning guest, Rob. We look at next week's SAG race, both the film and television categories. All of us agree on some categories (Claire Danes and Daniel Day-Lewis), but are mixed on a few others (Tina Fey vs Betty White vs Amy Poehler?). Plus, what to make of the current and future state of the race if Argo continues to win the top prizes (like the upcoming SAG Ensemble and PGA).

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Ted and Rachel are joined again be Matt, Cesco, Erik and Topher and everyone has something to say about the Oscar nods. The surprises, both good (Beasts! Amour!), bad (Jacki Weaver?) and ugly (Flight over The Master?!?), plus the snubs (Affleck AND Bigelow!). We also give our predictions for the Golden Globes. Will it be Smash or Modern Family? What wins Animated Feature? And how pissed will we be if Hayden Panettiere beats Dame Maggie Smith or Sofia Vergara?

Our song this week is "Once There Was a Hushpuppy" from the Beasts of the Southern Wild Soundtrack.

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Ted and Rachel are joined by an all-star cast of guests. Cesco, Matt, Erik and first-time guest Topher are all on hand to discuss our final predictions for this year's Oscar nominations. We're all over the place in certain categories like Supporting Actress (Ann Dowd? Nicole Kidman? Judi Dench?) and Director (Quentin Tarantino? Michael Haneke? Paul Thomas Anderson?). We cover the top 8 categories (Picture, Director, Acting, Writing, as well as Foreign Film and Original Song. And how many Best Picture nominees will there be? Also briefly covered is who we think might be winning certain categories (Chastain vs Lawrence vs Watts?). No song this week, just over an hour of awards prognostication with our roundtable!

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