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Ted and Rachel are back with our reactions to the 2014 Oscar Nominations! Some quick thoughts on most major categories. What were the snubs and surprises? How will this affect the races?

Our song this week is "Lost Stars" by Keira Knightley from the Begin Again soundtrack.

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Ted and Rachel are back and joined by Cesco and Erik (of Awards Watch) with our final predictions for the 2014 Oscar Nominations! Is there anyone that can displace Robert Duvall in the last supporting actor spot? Which categories will mirror the SAG lists? How much did BAFTA influence the nominations? How will Selma far on Thursday? And, even more important than Best Picture, who is getting left off of the Best Actor lineup (Oyelowo? Carell? Gyllenhaal? Cooper? Fiennes? Spall?)

Our song this week is "Heartbeat Song" by Kelly Clarkson

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Ted and Rachel are back with our final Golden Globe predictions! We take a look at all the Golden Globe categories in film and television. What will win? Birdman? Boyhood? Orange is the New Black? House of Cards? Into the Woods? The Grand Budapest Hotel? The Affair? Jane the Virgin? Transparent? Selma? 

Our song this week is "Glory" by Common and John Legend from the Selma Soundtrack.

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Ted and Rachel are back with guest Cesco! We talk about the upcoming Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and Golden Globe nominations. How do our predictions differ from each group? Which contenders will do better in each one? What about those crazy 5th slot contenders in the acting races? Join us as we discuss all of these topics and more!

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Ted and Rachel have returned with frequent guest Cesco! We take a look at the top 6 Oscar races and see who has a good shot at getting the nomination. How many nominations do we see for Selma, Into the Woods, Boyhood, Unbroken, Birdman, Foxcatcher and The Theory of Everything? Who is out front in the acting categories?

Our song this week is "You're Not Fully Dressed Without a Smile" by Sia from the Annie Soundtrack.

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Ted and Rachel are back and are joined by Matt and new guest, Matty! We run down all of the categories that will be presented next week at this year's Emmy Awards. What do we agree on? What do we disagree on? What will sweep? Plus, we give some random asides on almost everything, including how much we miss Dana Delaney.

Our song this week is "Friend Like Me" by Robin Williams from the Aladdin Soundtrack.

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Ted and Rachel are both back and ready to predict some Emmy categories! We have predictions in the main categories of Drama, Comedy and TV Movie/Miniseries. Who do we agree on? Where do we disagree? Which show dominates our predictions?

Our song this week is Jonathan Wolff's theme song from Seinfeld.

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Ted, Rachel, Cesco and Matt are all back and we have Oscar winner predictions to hand out. We hit every single category (all 24 of them) and also say who we believe should win. What film dominates? Are all the acting categories a done deal? And what will win Best Picture?

Our song this week is Natalie Imbruglia's "Torn."

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Rachel and Ted are ready to deliver our final Oscar nomination predictions. We are joined by Cesco and Matt and we run through the top 8 Oscar categories, as well as Foriegn Language Film and Documentary Feature. Plus, we give a quick look at our predictions for this weekend's Golden Globe Awards!

Our song this week is Idina Menzel's "Let It Go."

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Ted and Rachel are back! We are joined by frequent guests, Matt and Cesco. We have predictions for most of the categories that will be presented at this year's 2013 Golden Globe Awards. Which category do we all agree on? Which category are we the most split on? We cover both the film and television awards. Which Netflix show will get in for Drama Series? How many ladies from August: Osage County will be nominated? How ridiculous is it that Before Midnight is in the Comedy/Musical categories?

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